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Phillips Company


Phillips Company announced on October 26, 2007 that we have become the world's first not-for-profit company to manufacture new products that kill MRSA bacteria without the use of antibiotics. 

This is the story of how we developed something useful for the millions of people who are allergic to poison ivy and other poisonous plants.  These products are called anti-allergen skin cleansers.  That success was followed by the development of anti-venom skin cleansers, including the world's first and only product formulated to neutralize venom from a snake bite.  Next, we developed anti-bacterial skin-cleanser products that kill the bacteria that cause Staph infection.  My name is Howard Phillips (To see a resume of education and experience, click on http://phillips.8k.com )  Here is my story...

The beginning:  IvyStop! and IvyMed began with a great idea.  We developed this idea slowly, at first, while I held full-time jobs as as a professor in the College of Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and later as part of a medical research team at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. 

The problem:  During summer recess, I spent time "on the reservation" in southeastern Oklahoma where there is a LOT of poison ivy, poison oak and sumac.  I enjoyed being there, because that's where I grew up, and I am a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.    Even though we Choctaws tend to like being outdoors, I am allergic to poison ivy and poison oak. 

The need for a better remedy:   The care of a physician typically includes the use of ointments and lotions, and sometimes steroid injections -- but the poison ivy allergy often persists for one to two weeks.  During this period, the itching continues, and the spreading to other skin areas is usually a problem.  Not satisfied with this, we put into motion the traditional Native American process for developing a remedy for poison ivy. 

Nature often offers solutions for allergies.  One example is a plant called Jewelweed which grows natually in some regions of the U.S.   Jewelweed is often effective for treating a wide variety of natural irritants.

Our search for a better remedy:  We considered both natural and commercial-product combinations in the quest for an instant relief from the itching caused by a poison ivy or poison oak attack.  After two years of evaluation, we developed IvyStop, followed by IvyMed. 

A successful result:  Our conclusion is that IvyMed works better than any other known remedy to instantly stop the itching and quickly dry up the "weeping" that often results from a poison ivy attack.  We are finding that this conclusion is shared by people who have used it.   IvyStop led to the development of other allergens, then to anti-venom products, then to anti-bacterial products including Tetracycline-ABC, TETRA-ABC, and Diabecline.  These products are all manufactured and sold by our company, and they also have been licensed to other sources for manufacture and sale.

Developed by engineers and Native Americans:  Our products are a mix of engineering and home remedy, developed using Native American tradition.  We are not representatives of pharmacists or physicians.

Phillips Company (formerly Phillips & Co.) is an FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company.  We are a product development and licensing company.  The NAICS codes for our company are  325412, 325998 and/or 325412.  The D-U-N-S number for our company is 612368238.  The CAGE number is 48E81.  We are a 100% minority-owned business.  We are located in an SBA-designated HUBZone.  We are a wholesale sales company.  We are not a retail sales company. 

Phillips Company is owned by Howard Phillips, LLC.