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Our study demonstrated a significant drop in the catheter infection rates in dialysis patients when a topical bactericidal agent (StaphWash) was used in conjunction with our standard catheter care technique. This reduction in catheter associated site infection can lead to decreased hospitalization and decreased mortality and morbidity.  The study was conducted by Dr. Steven Wright, MD.

Experts at Arkansas Children's Hospital say they are constantly tracking multi-drug resistant organisms like MRSA.  But the makers of this tiny spray bottle of "Staph Wash" say it does more than track the bacteria.  Click the link above to read the full-text news report.

Click the link above to see the TV video clip in which StaphWash was featured on 11/15/2007.

Central USA Distributors, Inc. announces that after establishing StaphWash in Arkansas they are seeking retailers nationally to distribute StaphWash for its ability to kill the potentially deadly Staph/MRSA bacteria on the skin.   Click on the link above to see the full text of this news item.

(1888PressRelease EXCERPT) MILLERTON, OK -- MRSA and staph bacteria can be removed from human skin using a simple skin cleanser.

MRSA, a form of Staph infection, recently became the contributor to more deaths than AIDS. Antibiotics frequently are not effective when used to treat many bacterial infections, including MRSA, which has contributed to an estimated 18,000 deaths nationally every year, as widely reported last year.

A staph infection often begins as a skin lesion that refuses to heal normally. The lesion begins as a cosmetic problem and can rapidly develop into a more serious condition. “We have a new solution,” said a spokesman for Phillips Company. “This simple topical cleanser can be used to wash away MRSA bacteria without antibiotics or other medicine. The use of a cleanser offers a simple, low-cost solution to MRSA problems on the skin.”

[[[ Click on the headline link above for full text of this news release ]]]

Acting on a new business model, Phillips Company announced that it has become the world's first not-for-profit company to manufacture new products that kill MRSA bacteria without the use of antibiotics.  Click on the link above to see the full text of this news item.

This interview was broadcast on KBEL radio as part of a program, Oklahoma Universe, which profiles company and product developments by manufacturing companies.

James Pate, Fox 16 TV