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Take it to the people



"Our slow and burdensome approval process at the Food and Drug Administration keeps too many advances from reaching those in need.  If we slash the restraints, not just at the FDA but across our Government, then we will be blessed with far more miracles..."  President of the United States, to Congress, 2/28/2017.

Phillips Company believes what was impossible can often become possible.  We have been successful in researching stem-cell drugs to achieve the following researh results: 

  1. Prevented diabetic amputations using Diabecline;
  2. Treated spinal cord injury to help a total paraplegic become a walking person using TetraStem;
  3. Developed the first universal anti-venom for export to save lives after snake bites, spider bites, jellyfish bites and stings from insects;
  4.  Used regenerative medicine to rapidly (less than 7 days) heal 3rd degree burns with no scar tissue to reduce pain and restore full function using TetraStem;
  5. Developed the world's most effective transdermal carrier (TDDS);
  6. Combined the new TDDS and a broad spectrum antibiotic to topically treat systemic MRSA with no side effects;
  7. Combined the new TDDS with lidocaine to develop LidoMed, the world's first and only topical anesthetic that produces TOTAL pain suppression;
  8. Combined the new TDDS with herbal drugs to develop ArnicaMed, a deep-penetrating, fast-acting ointment that reduces swelling and discoloration that results from bruises -- particularly useful in dermatology procedures;
  9. Discovered a new antibiotic that was not previously known to kill MRSA and Staph bacteria;
  10. Developed StaphWash, a new topical treatment for MRSA that does not stain cloth and has a 5-year shelf life;
  11. Developed drugs that remove skin allergens rather than teat the symptoms; Example = IvyMed; 
  12. Commercialized the world's only tetracycline formulation as liquid, topical products;
  13. Combined the TDDS with tetracycline to produce the world's strongest broad-base topical antibiotic.  This new topical drug has been used to successfully treat systemic MRSA with no known side effects.  It kills both Gram-pos and Gram-neg bacteria with equal effectiveness, thereby often making lab cultures unnecessary, especially for bed sores (pressure sores);
  14. Developed the world's first and only catalyst, catalytic carbon, to split water and produce hydrogen at high rates, using low energy;  This new catalyst was developed from our knowledge of pharma chemistry.  This new catalyst is patented and is offered to any company for use in developing non-polluting clean fuel for the next generation.

Rapid sale or transfer of our new drugs and new technology to other companies.  Phillips Company is the world's only FDA-registered drug manufacturer that operates as a not-for-profit pharmaceutical research company.  We do not advertise our products, but we do issue public announcements about our research results.  As a drug research company, we transfer our technology and brand names to any company that can produce the new drugs in high volume, at low cost, and "take it to the people."


World’s strongest broad-spectrum topical antibiotic available

A new topical antibiotic formulation, known as Tetracycline-ABC kills the most drug-resistant and the most deadly bacteria (Staph, MRSA and Acinetobacter), which cause community or hospital acquired infections.  Click HERE to see more details about Tetracycline-ABC.


World’s best catalyst for producing hydrogen from water is low-cost carbon

Hydrogen fuel storage tanks are no longer needed because of a new low-cost, safe method for producing hydrogen fuel at high flow rates using carbon, one of the world’s safest and lowest-cost industrial materials.  The hydrogen-from-water breakthrough was a result of a catalytic chemistry development that successfully splits water to produce hydrogen, while retaining oxygen in the water.  Click HERE to see more details about hydrogen on demand.

We continue to develop new products.  Some items are in the R&D phase, some items are in field testing, and some items are established products.  This is the site where you can learn about what is new, what is in field testing, and what items are still in the research phase. All of our products are shipped via U.S. mail or UPS (no hazardous materials to be concerned about).   We hope these items will benefit you, and our hope is that you will provide feedback to us so that we can continue to improve the results of our research and development.

Mission Statement:  Take it to the people.  Phillips Company is committed to providing what we believe to be the best quality, up-to-date products and convenient, fast services to our customers. 

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The world's best catalyst for producing hydrogen from water is available from Phillips Company................ Also, the world's broadest-spectrum antibiotic is now available from Phillips Company as a new research product. This new antibiotic, when formulated with an effective TTDS, uses both physical and chemical attacks on bacteria. The addition of a physical mechanism of attack makes it virtually impossible for bacteria to develop a "resistance" to the effects of the new antibiotic, called Tetracycline-ABC. We research remedies for poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, as well as anti-venom skin care for fire ants, venomous snakes, wasps, bees and other insects. We invented and developed an anti-bacterial skin cleanser that neutralizes Staph bacteria, including MRSA.